PSE Evolve 35

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PSE Evolve 35

Postby mleskau » Fri Aug 25, 2017 11:16 am

I had the itch to buy a new 2017 Bow. I decided to take my time and look and test many different manufacturers. In the End was the decision either the Bowtech Reign , Mag, or the PSE Evolve. Asw I am the Bowtech fan, I could not decide as all three bows mentioned are top. I decided on the PSE Evolve 35, as the draw cycle and 90% let off was unbeatable. I could draw back and feel as if I had nothing in my hand. It is also easier on the shoulder. As age is getting the better, it makes sense to look for the future and spare the body with punishment. I still love the Bowtech's and will not part with the RPM 360, as this is my definite choice for the hunting. I would like to hear some opinion on this (negative or positive) and find out how other PSE Evolve shooters think.
PSE Evolve 35
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